This Cause Your Blog Traffic Decreases

This Cause Your Blog Traffic Decreases

Some of the causes that make your visitor's blog drastic and make the mood of blogging become lost and lazy because there are no blog visitors at all and post further for a long time no one reads our article, the visitors on our blog are also one of our mistakes make visitors lazy for our blog for reasons that make them choose another blog that compares your blog

Blog traffic really plays a very big role in the quality of blogs that you have, usually blog traffic or blog visitors go down because we are lazy to take care of many blogs and other factors that affect the quality of our blog, usually they will visit quality blog blogs and easy to understand so they prefer blog blogs that are already famous for the name of their blog so this also plays a role for visitors to our blog that dropped dramatically

My experience in blogging is really a lot of obstacles, there are problems that come every day and it makes me almost desperate in blogging, but did you know that blogging can earn more money, so it makes me from riding lazy to come from yourself

I started blogging from the beginning of 2016, there are a number of blogs that I have created, but this is the problem, which is a Blog Visitor that is down or not at all, and that makes me preview because of this, this blog code is the fifth blog I made after fail in terms of blogging and I decided to learn SEO on a blog and if you don't know what an SEO blog is you can read it below.

There are several reasons why your blog is bad because the articles you make do not come out on Google search, aka not on Google Index, before posting articles that you need to do is send your new url to Google webmaster when you see on Google whether it is out of our posts , if it comes out it proves that the article you created is a quality and unique article that Google might like your article so that your article is placed on Google's top search.

Here are some of the causes that make your website down

1. Blogging Is Not Serious

Some bloggers are sometimes lazy to blog or their blog is not managed at all but visitors really want it, at first because they rarely update posts on your blog, automatically there will also be no one who reads the articles you make, and blog visitors drop dramatically.

so make your blog a part of your life, and keep updating posts because content blogs are king, if there is no content, what you want to see: D, visitors will like quality article articles and lots of interactions in comments near you articles, the more You make a post, the more visitors you will get.

2. Not Consistent in Blogging

In this second quote, it is inconsistent in blogging, indeed in terms of blogging, it takes a lot of time to build it up like a famous blog, if we see successful bloggers who are diligent, diligent bloggers, consistent with one thing and hard work, indeed build a blog not in a short time, if it is observed consistently this includes points that must be embedded in your soul, visitors go down if your blog is not taken care of at all,

So grow the intention in yourself for the blog, even though blogging can get money, so if you want to earn your own income diligently blogging because it works easy just writing articles that we pay.

3. Articles that are Copy Paste

As you know, Google does not like articles that are copied and pasted because they violate the rules that have been made, articles that are not copied will appear on Google searches, because duplicate content occurs, cheating is actually allowed, but you do not cheat to take important points as inspiration But you don't copy and paste it like that right away, this will also make your blog visitors shrink or alias go down and go long.

Write quality articles and avoid copy paste because Google likes unique or new articles no one posts and is potentially viral, if you cheat then there will be a negative impact on your blog.

4. Do not want to learn and want what has been done.

Learning is the most important thing or the core of this blogging, in life we ​​are required to study until the end of life, that is to say the word here is the best thing to blog, at the beginning we build a blog we also learn not, to get lots of visitors we learn also not, look for the knowledge here and even more so, many people who want one work day but want their income tens of millions, or also called instant, well indeed in terms of blogging there is no instant word for publishers they have to go through several stages so they get visitors and blogs are known by visitors, of course, the bigger the name of the blog, the visitors to your blog will not go down.

5. There is no motivation

Motivation is the main core that must be in blogger because motivation is what shapes you if you want to, if you want to motivate yourself in blogging you can read my article below:

10 Technology Recommendations for Bill Gates Books (Part 1)

Motivation is something that will change you, be diligent, diligent, tenacious, will become one and you will get many visitors with this, many failed bloggers who lose motivation in themselves and visitors to their blogs come down and if you don't want to change themselves yourself


Alright that's maybe some that makes your blog go down, actually the decline of your blog visitors is not from someone else or any party, it all lies with yourself, essentially multiplying your article and don't ignore the words of people, stay confident and keep learning, if not now maybe later you will get the knowledge so don't stop learning, - keep blogging :)

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